Where’s My Candy?

About 20 years ago my husband and I decided to add a new tradition to our family Easter celebration. We began adding prizes to the Easter egg hunt. In the weeks before Easter, we search the dollar stores for inexpensive prizes: bubbles, jump ropes, kites, and the like for the kids. Flashlights, flower seeds, coffeeContinue reading “Where’s My Candy?”

Rembering Rosemary

Last week I planted rosemary in my herb garden. I didn’t plant it as much for the herb itself, although I do like the flavor it adds to a favorite homebaked bread recipe I sometimes make. I planted it because, in the words of Ophelia in Hamlet, Act 4, “There’s rosemary, that’s for rememberance.” IContinue reading “Rembering Rosemary”

Ancient Paths

Snow days prompt me to bake, so this perpetual snow day, brought on by shelter-in-place requirements due to Corona virus, has upped my baking game to a new level. Baking is a source of contentment and comfort. I find myself searching through treasures for recipes. My treasures for this occasion are two tin boxes, bothContinue reading “Ancient Paths”

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