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Latest from the Blog

Set the Tone

For several years there was a vibrant women’s ministry in my home town. Women of the Word (WOW) began in the heart of Gena Norris. Gena had many roles, but she was a passionate teacher by nature. Instructing younger women came as easily as breathing, or maybe she just made it look easy as truly…

A Memorial Worth Visiting

“Joshua called out the twelve men whom he selected from the People of Israel, one man from each tribe. Joshua directed them, “Cross to the middle of the Jordan and take your place in front of the Chest of GOD, your God. Each of you heft a stone to your shoulder, a stone for each…

Where’s My Candy?

About 20 years ago my husband and I decided to add a new tradition to our family Easter celebration. We began adding prizes to the Easter egg hunt. In the weeks before Easter, we search the dollar stores for inexpensive prizes: bubbles, jump ropes, kites, and the like for the kids. Flashlights, flower seeds, coffee…

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